Monday, May 2, 2011

Why I Love David Rakoff

A quote, admittedly removed from it's context, but awesome none the less, from Mr. David Rakoff in his book Don't Get Too Comfortable:

"If, for example, it came to light that the dangerously thin, affectless, value-deficient, higher-aspiration-free, amateur porn hauteuse, Paris Hilton was actually a covert agent from some secret Taliban madrasa whose mission is was to portray the ultimate capitalist whore puppet of a doomed society with nothing more on its mind than servitude to maman and celebrity at any cost, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised."

The Tailban reference seems timely, as - I'm sure you know - Mr. Osama bin Ladin's death was widely publicized in the media today.

Mr. Rakoff writes in this way that when he gets going, his ideas and sentences become so complex that you must listen to them multiple times before getting that lovely, "ah ha!" moment when you fully grasp his idea. I realize that Mr. Rakoff is, in fact an author, but I write the verb "listen" instead of "read" since most of his material I have been exposed to has been on NPR's This American Life, a favourite radio show of mine, hosted by the lovely Mr. Ira Glass. I also have a propensity for audiobooks, since I enjoy multitasking. Reading a paper bound book while knitting is extremely challenge, I'm not sure if you know how much so. And the solution is audiobooks and brilliant public radio. This is why I love David Rakoff.

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