Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kristen Schaal is a Horse!

I effing love comedian Kristen Schaal.  She's not your regular female comedian, that's for sure.  You may remember her as the crazy stalker fan from the Flight of the Conchords television series or from her hilarious Sony Xperia Play commercials.  Have to say the Kristen is Killing It one is my favourite.  There are also some outtakes that almost made me pee my pants.  I first saw these commercials whilst watching StarCraft II tournaments on MLG.  Call me a nerd if you must, but I actually find it more entertaining then our national passtime, watching NHL hockey... I'm going to get crucified for blogging that... but I digress.

I first heard of the video in this post, without seeing it, on WYNC's Radiolab.  In the Loops podcast, they describe what they perceive to be the emotions go through a number of different emotions.  At first they're like, "Oh!  This is going to be a regular comedy skit. Kristen Schaal is a horse?!  Look at her silly dancing!  Ha ha ha!" and then after a couple more repeations they're like, "OK, OK, you're a horse."  and then they start getting a bit upset, "Really, you're still singing and dancing like a horse?  When will this END?"  But something happens, and eventually, it's just plain hilarious.  The comedy doesn't really fit with expectations, and all they can really do is laugh! Of course I had to watch the video after listening to the podcast. You can definitely tell the audience is transitioning through a range of emotions. I heard somewhere that Kristen and Kurt Braunohler once kept that skit going for 10 minutes!  You you imagine?

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