Monday, April 6, 2009


I am in love.

I've just returned home after a glorious weekend in magnificent Montreal, where I saw easily one of the best live shows I've even seen. Andrew Bird performed at Le National this past Saturday night. A Hawk & a Hacksaw (also I surprisingly amazing group that consisted of an accordion, a violin, a trumpet, a tuba, and some percussion) opened. The crowd was very mild mannered, but after my fourth Boreal, I stopped caring whether or not my friends & I were annoying those around us with our jovial jigs. We danced the set away to backdrop of plucked violin strings skillfully layered over & over with a loop pedal, bird-like whistling, fantastic fiddling, & Buckley-esce vocals, accented by spinning gramophones that created a Doppler-like effect.

I'm really into alliterations today.

& I never said who I was in love with, & I bet you can't guess.


  1. i love how you described the music, i am going to search for it when i get home/do you have a cd i can borrow?

  2. I only buy vinyl... do you have a turn table?
    I could leave my iPod at work so listen to him there. When do you work next?

  3. oh i just got this now! i work saturday.... and then the sat after that


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