Thursday, August 22, 2013

How (Not) to Make a Chalkboard Wall Inside Your House

Product I used: Krylon Chalkboard Paint in a spray can

Where I got it: Canadian Tire at Dundas St. W and Bay St. in Toronto. $6.99 per can.
Recommended for: Projects you can do outside and bring in once they are dry.
Why? The spray can format causes a fine dust of the product to settle on every surface.

Although I covered every surface, including the ceiling, about two feet around the wall to be chalkboarded, a fine black dust settled on everything in the vicinity. And I do mean EVERYTHING.  Once I noticed this happening, I covered the floor with newsprint, the furniture across the room with a drop cloth.  I have mopped the floor three times and I'm still getting black on the bottom of my feet. When I went to cook later in the day, I noticed black dust on my stove top, which is around the corner from the surface I applied the paint to.  I had to clean out the filter in my AC unit and the blades of my fan.  It took three hours to clean up.

Result: The Krylon Chalkboard Paint made a nice finish.  I used a can and a half to fully cover this 0.9m X 1.7m (3' X 5'6") surface.  This is consistent with the packaging which indicates each can covers 1.1 sq. metres (12 sqft).
Left: The Kylon Chalkboard Paint made a rich, velvety finish.
Right: I've used the surface now.  It erases well!

Since the finish is so nice, I do recommend it if you have a project which you can take outside. Just make sure there aren't any cars downwind. If you don't heed my advice and choose to do this indoors, please cover everything and wear a mask so you don't inhale the product. It says a to use it in a well ventilated area, which is good advice, but if you have fans going, it's just going to disperse the product even more.  Weigh your pros and cons.

In hindsight, I probably should have used something like Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint since you can apply it with a brush and avoid a big mess.  I can't vouch for the finish though.

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