Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recommendation: Fanny Chadwick's

Fanny Chadwick's has been recommended to me for brunch by more than one source.

I went this morning with my brunch/life partner, Dan. Wowza! We arrived just as they were opening at 10AM and got a place on their bran-spankin' new patio - constructed about a month ago.  There are white triangular canopies and strings of lights with globe shaped bulbs over head.  Bright green Astroturf underfoot. Light wood fencing with horizontal slats all around.  It feels clean and bright, but very welcoming. I imagine it would be stunning at sunset.  From eavesdropping, I learn that pretty much everything is made in house.  The salad dressing, the ketchup, the English muffins, etc.

I got a quick snap of the canopy. Globe string lights on the right.

I ordered the eggs benny with house made sausage and greens.  The Hollandaise sauce was so light and frothy, I had to ask about it.  The waitress told me the secret: beer!  I'm in love.  The house made sausage of the day was jalapeño. Dan ordered the Finnish pancakes.  They were half way between the consistency of a flapjack and a crepe and so good!  They came with a fruit compote and whipped cream. The portions were generous.  Neither of us could finish our meals.

The guys at the next table ordered the potato hash with their meals.  I think I'll get that next time because it looked amazing.

The lady at the table behind me was raving about the sticky buns and wanted to know if she could buy a whole bunch (if you want to do this, call a few days ahead and they'll make extra for you). I had no room for a sticky bun, but I've been craving a cronut lately and knew I wouldn't have time to go to Le Dolci today, so I got one to go.  I'm eating it right now, and let me tell you: YUM!  It's very large for a sticky bun (a two-person treat), caramel-y on the outside and soft on the inside. Sticky-bun perfection.

My only complaint: there's not enough bicycle parking close by!

268 Howland Ave.

Brunch hours:
Saturday and Sunday

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